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Need some help to grow your blog?

You’re in the right place my friend!

I have found many of my fellow bloggers are getting frustrated and need a little help or coaching along the way. Since this has taking up a lot of my time and I earn my living online, I decided to offer this service.

I now offer a variety of services designed to help you get past the frustration and develop a clear strategy to grow your blog.

No longer do you have to spend countless hours stuck on something. Reach out to me and let’s get it fixed now so you can get back to blogging.

So if you’re in need of someone who you can bounce ideas with, form a plan for your business, get technical help, or just help you get acquainted with blogging and social media – I’m your person.

Here are a few of the ways I can help you

  • Starting your own blog
  • Creating actionable goals and strategies
  • Technical support or services
  • Increasing your traffic and visibility
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Getting started with affiliate marketing
  • Growing your email list
  • SEO

Packages and Services

Blog Coaching Package

Blog Coaching Package - $150 CDN

If your serious about turning your blog into an online business, this is the package for you. I will assess your current status of your blog, develop a strategy plan for you and help you achieve your goals throughout the next several weeks

This package includes:

  • Blog Audit

  • Custom Strategy Plan

  • Coaching Session

  • Unlimited Email Support

Blog Audit

Blog Audit - $50 CDN

If you want a customized analysis of you blog along with personalized tips on how to improve, this blog audit is for you.

Upon receiving your order, I will email you a short questionnaire which will help me understand your goals and what areas you would like to improve upon. Then I will start reviewing your overall blog design, content, SEO, design and social media.

The audit will include a detailed report of your current strengths and weaknesses into the blog audit. I will provide suggestions as to how you can increase your online visibility, website traffic, and ultimately increase your business income. Your audit will also include a strategy checklist, which will help you determine which areas of your blog to prioritize first.

After receiving the completed audit, you are welcome to ask me any related questions you have via email. Please note this blog audit does not include unlimited email support, coaching chats or calls.

Coaching Session

Coaching Session - $50 CDN

If you need someone to help you create a game plan for you blog, tweak your strategies or just bounce ideas with, you need a coaching session.

Our coaching session can take place online via audio call, video call or as a chat session over Skype or Messenger. It can be scheduled to any time that suits your needs.

Upon receiving your order, I will email you a short questionnaire that will help me understand which areas you would like to improve upon. Then I will start creating a strategy plan for you.

During our coaching session, we will talk about the strategy and how it will help improve your business. We will discuss what goals you should prioritize first. During this call you are welcome to ask me any questions or concerns you may have related to your blog or online business.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about booking a service, please feel free to fill out the contact form below.

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