Why You Should Start a Online Business Today

Time has never been better than now to start a online business to give yourself some financial stability. Here are my reasons for saying that.

The world economy of today is rapidly changing, as well as the job market. Unemployment lines are becoming more common place around the globe everyday.

Back when my Dad was a young man, when you got a job – if you worked hard you could work your way up in a company and have a job for life.

You would be able to make a reasonable income that would allow you to raise your family, have a good health plan and allow you to be able to afford to send your children to university all on one paycheque.

Companies back then where smaller than today and they cared about employee happiness and well being, and many owners actually new their employees and families personally.

A lot of companies also had pension plans for their employees for retirement. But MOST importantly, they had job security.

A lot of people found themselves a good job, and stayed with it for their entire work career.

Gone are the good old days…

I started my work life in the late 70’s and have seen a huge change in the work world. It was relatively easy to find a job back then as there was lots of work to be found.

Changes where happening but I never really noticed much because it wasn’t personally affecting me.

In the 80’s I began to see huge changes starting to happen. Corporations started taking over. Walmart, Home Depot, Future Shop, etc. where starting to kill off the small businesses.

Small companies where now either being bought up or crushed by the big corporations. A shift from a small business owner that cared about their employees, to a Corporation that only focused on profits was becoming the new reality.

Personal connection between owner and employee was being lost. Employees where slowly becoming a number in the accounting departments of the Corporations, rather than a person.

Focus now is all about making a profit for shareholders

First to come along was to try to get long term employees with pension plans to take early retirement. By doing this,  companies could then re-hire new employees at a lower wage with NO PENSION PLAN –  saving the corporation money for the shareholders. I personally know of a few people that companies offered a buyout to get them to retire early for just this reason.

So slowly the trend to downsize operations in North America and outsource to overseas began to excelerate. The manufacturing jobs where among the first to go, taking with it the good paying jobs that once supported families.

Manufacturing jobs in the USA fell 34% from 1970 – 2010 despite the fact the population continued to grow. That’s 6 million good middle class jobs gone – which also a huge impact on the local communities.

People who lost these jobs have largely been forced to work in the retail business to try and support their families. But these jobs are not even close to the same, they are low wage jobs and offer NO HEALTH PLANS. So now for most families both the Husband & Wife have to work (if they are lucky enough to both get jobs) to try and support their family.

Now the transition is from Retail Stores to Online Business

Now with many of those retail companies, Future Shop, Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s, etc either declaring bankruptcy or closing stores, where will we find employment now?

Employment in 2017 has become extremely turbulent. If you have a good job, you are among the lucky and you better hold on to it if you can. The middle class worker in North America is slowly becoming extinct.

A very scary thought. What ever happened to our prosperity?


Has your pay kept up to inflation?

So many families are struggling just to make ends meet. The gap between poverty and the wealthy just keeps increasing each year.

Do you feel you are better off today?

college or retirement sign

Are you on track for saving for your retirement or your child’s education?

Gone are the days of good pay, company health plans, retirement plans and JOB STABILITY are gone forever. Corporations are taking over and they have no interest in reinstating these things as it hurts the profitability for their shareholders.

So what is a person to do?

Start a Online Business Today

Starting a online business has never been easier than today. You can start for about $100. What other kind of business can you start with so little money?

I don’t know of any!

That is a very small investment in something that could potentially change your life. This kind of business can be done on a part time basis from the comfort of your home, while still working full time. Allowing you to build your business while still having the security of having your current full time paycheque.

Perhaps you are looking to earn a extra $500 a month to help with the bills each month? Or maybe you want to turn this into a full time business and fire your boss? Regardless of your reasoning, with the power of the internet, it has never been easier to start a online business.

Has this affected your family or friends? Is starting a online business something that interests you?


Are you interested in starting your own business. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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  1. Jyoti kiran 4 years ago

    Really very informative post. Online business is rapidly growing field now a days and is highly profitable if you have pitched correctly with all the plannings and stand boldly as a risk taker.

    • Author
      Doug Paulson 4 years ago

      I agree, with the technology of today changing our lives, more people are opting to start a business online everyday. Thanks Jyoti.

  2. Des 4 years ago

    This is very true. Few companies value their employees. That ead one of my reasons for starting my blog… Well that and finding that so many people don’t travel because of how expensive it is when it doesnt have to be. Great post!
    – Des with bigworldadventures.net

    • Author
      Doug Paulson 4 years ago

      Unfortunately that is the direction most companies seem to be headed. Glad to hear you decided to start blogging for this reason. Thanks for commenting Des!

  3. Mathukutty P. V, 4 years ago

    Wish to earn online. but any business some knowledge and ability is required. I have started a small blog out of passion and also to get engaged.

    • Author
      Doug Paulson 4 years ago

      I’m glad to hear you have started blogging! Let me know if I can be of any help to you in your blogging journey.

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