Blog Coaching Package



Blog Coaching Package – $150

If your serious about turning your blog into an online business, this is package is for you. I will assess your current blog, develop a strategy plan for you an help you achieve your goals throughout the next several weeks.

This package includes:

Blog Audit

It is a customized analysis of your blog along with personalized tips on how to improve your strategy. It will include a detailed report of your strengths and weakness.

I will provide suggestions as to how you can increase your traffic, online visibility and business income. Your audit will also include a strategy plan checklist, which will help you determine which areas of your blog to work on first.

Coaching Session

I will help you create a game plan for you blog, tweak your strategies and bounce ideas with you. During our session, we will talk about the strategy and how it will help improve your business. We will discuss what goals you should focus on for the month. And you are welcome to ask me any questions related to your blog or business

Our coaching session can take place via audio call, video call or as a chat session over Skype or Messenger. It can be scheduled to any time that suites your needs.

Unlimited Email Support

For one month, you get unlimited email support from me. At any time of the day, you can email me any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your blog and business. You will go straight to the top of my inbox and will receive prompt replies from me.


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